New Omega PLanet Ocean Makes Big Splash on Capri

Omega chose the splendid Mediterranean island of Capri as the venue for its latest press junket to promote the enhanced Planet Ocean collection and the upgrade to in-house calibres 8500 and 9300  with silicon balance springs in all models. Amongst the guests was Buzz Aldrin, whom Omega usually dusts down and wheels out for Speedmaster events, but perhaps Buzz’s suntan was fading and needed a top up. Seems strange that Omega would would seek to water down Aldrin’s association with the venerable Speedie, but, hey, its done it before with Daniel Craig and the De Ville Hour Vision ‘Blue’.

Less curious was the announcement of a partnership with eco-filmmaker and founder of GoodPlanet, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, to “create a film about the Earth's oceans, serving to remind viewers of these natural beauties that cover two-thirds of the planet's surface and to raise awareness of what can be done to protect them.”

On the subject of natural beauties, the highlight of the gig was the arrival of a blond mermaid - with her own particularly attractive set of natural beauties - bearing freebee Planet Oceans to members of the gawping press. Hey fellas, don’t forget to write those fawning reviews now!

Back to Yann and his project. It is excellent to see Omega building such a strong reputation for good global corporate citizenship. The Solar Impulse partnership, the Orbis project and this new association with GoodPlanet (not to mention the ongoing Buzz Aldrin Life-Support Mission) sets a cracking pace, which other large Swiss watchmakers should follow. Off course, such activities rub off on the brand in a very positive way, but good deeds ARE good deads.

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