Omega Planet Ocean - Heirloom of the Future

Omega Planet Ocean watch
Omega Planet Ocean Watch

The 42 mm Planet Ocean is one of the finest looking dive watches in the Omega collection. While the Planet Ocean ‘Big’ (2900.50.91), at more than 45mm diameter, may suit those who wish to wear a timepiece that can be easily transformed into a navy SEAL landing craft (there is even space to attach a couple of high powered out-boards), it is the PO ‘Normal’ (2201.50.00) that I believe will ultimately become a true ‘collector’s’ piece.

The Planet Ocean combines modernity with genuine Omega DNA to produce a watch that reflects a synthesis of the classicism of the famous Seamaster dive watches of the 1970s and contemporary stylistic preferences. It was originally released with a black bezel and white characters. Later the stunning orange bezel with orange characters on the quarter hours was released, and later still, a black bezel with orange characters was produced for those, who, perhaps, couldn’t make their minds up about the ideal colour palette.

The Planet Ocean is powered by an officially certified automatic Omega Co-Axial calibre 2500 movement, which is a beautifully modified ETA 2892 ebauche, complete with free-sprung balance. It is an extremely reliable work-horse movement that has stood the test of time, if you’ll pardon the pun. The George Daniels Co-Axial escapement system elevates this movement into the realms of cutting edge horology, reducing friction and extending service intervals to boot. The movement beats along at 25,200 half revolutions per hour, which, combined with a larger and heavier balance wheel, improves the stability of the movement. The slower beat rate allows a corresponding increase in the power reserve to 48 hours.

Planet Oceans come with a helium release valve (see the second crown at 2200). While this is a boon for deep sea divers who need to release built up helium to avoid serious damage to their watches, please rest assured that you will not need to use this function when you explore the depths of your swimming pool. The concept of gas release in the Planet Ocean is not dissimilar to gas release in humans – they both have to be done with aforethought and manually!

The Planet Ocean, in my opinion, is a true collectible of the future. The 2201.50.00, in particular, eschews size for size’s sake, and, thus, will probably not be found consigned in the darker recesses of some sock drawer of the future because of its dinosaur proportions. Rather, in 30 years, I believe it will have the status of the Seamaster 300s of the 1960s. So, for the investment of around $3000.00 USD (depending on the discounts you may extract from an authorised dealer) you can own an heirloom of the future.