Omega Constellation Baguette

Omega Constellation Baguette Watch
This one-of-a-kind Omega Constellation Baguette model showcases the fine art of jewellery case-making and the creation of ornamental horological artifacts of impeccable workmanship. Designed as an exhibition piece, the Baguette continues Omega’s engagement in the “Montre Bijoux” genre, a tradition that began with the award of a gold medal at the Swiss National Exhibition of 1896.

Often mistaken as ‘bling’ by lesser mortals, watches of this type demand to be appreciated for what they are - a means of extending the conceptual or technical boundaries of jewelery watchmaking. We may see such pieces as the gratuitous paraphernalia of Haute Couture and excess for the sake of excess, but just as Faberge eggs had no purpose other than to enchant owners with their beauty and exquisite craftsmanship, so do examples such as the Constellation Baguette.

Go beyond the glitter of the diamonds and you discover the true design structure of the watch. The entire case has been designed around the dial that displays a “supernova” pattern of beautifully cut and set Wesselton diamonds of matching colour and clarity radiating from a diamond clad star that sits in a universe of mother-of-pearl. Click on the picture above to see how each individual diamond has been especially cut and faceted to play its role in the overall design story – a total of a hundred and forty-six baguette and trapeze diamonds have been applied to the dial, each invisibly mounted so as to reinforce the three- dimensional effects of energy and line that shoot forth from the star.

In total, there are more than 30 carats of diamonds set into the white gold Constellation Baguette. Omega has not yet made it clear whether it will sell the watch after its exhibition days are over, but one can’t foresee a shortage of buyers for this outstanding example of montre bijoux should it be offered.

Almost incidentally, the watch is powered by a member of Omega’s new in-house family of calibres, the ladies co-axial calibre 8421, designed for watches of smaller diameter. But in the instance of the Omega Constellation Baguette, horology gives way to design and the amazing craftsmanship exhibited in the execution of the concept.

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