Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m White Dial - Another Great White?

The Omega "Great White" Seamaster GMT Chronometer Ref: 2538.20 was a popular model amongst dive watch aficionados, made more-so after Omega decided to discontinue the line. For those who suffered remorse over not acquiring a Great White while it was in production, the “Greater than Great White” version of the Ploprof 1200m should extinguish any such regrets……at more than double the investment!

Ploprof’s design code is undoubtedly the most distinctive of any dive watch on the market, and the polished, lacquered white dial with applied polished Omega symbol and logo will do much to establish it in the world of fad and fashion. The white Ploprof is still a serious bit of kit for the professional diver, however, its idiosyncratic lines, visual appeal and impressive dimensions of 55m x 48mm x 17.5mm have already ensured its migration to the emaciated wrists of androgynes who walk the catwalks of high fashion, as it has their more beefy brethren who insist time-telling accessories be at least the size of New Hampshire.

The watch, sporting a white bi-directional locking bezel with chrome-coated Arabic numerals, snow white dial with super-Lume polished indexes has an over-sized minute hand crafted from orange anodised aluminium and is coated with white Super-Lume for legibility, as are the varnished hour and seconds hands.

While the white dial softens some of its aggression, the raw, retro-industrial quality of the Ploprof case design means that the nearest to water many Ploprofs will ever get is a sudden downpour, and that’s fine. For the Ploprof “Greater than Great White” is an amazing piece of hardware that demands a wider audience.

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