The Omega De Ville Hour Vision Blue

The Omega De Ville Hour Vision family has a newly minted addition, the Hour Vision Blue, which certainly adds a bit of colour to the somewhat dour brown, silver and black dial offerings previously available. While some De Ville dials could be seen as conservative or unremarkable, the convergence of excellent 1950’s derivative design of the 41mm transparent case body, the outstanding beauty and engineering of the calibre 8500 series movement and sophisticated appointments on the dusty blue dial transform this latest iteration of the Hour Vision into something very special.

With trends dictating more black in today’s fashion than there ever was in Joseph Heller’s humour, this watch can be worn across the day and night without embarrassment. It also compliments the more ‘adventurous’ choices of fabric colour favoured in business wear, such as ash grey, charcoal and navy blue, and holds its own with the camel, beiges, khakis and greys worn casually on the weekend. We are truly so adventurous in our fashion choices these days – aren’t we?

Omega also took the opportunity to associate the release of the Hour Vision Blue with a worthy piece of philanthropism by committing to donate a minimum of a million dollars over four years to the international eye care organisation, ORBIS. This organisation of specialists and medicos operates in more than eighty less-developed countries, offering treatment for a range of poverty-related eye conditions that lead to blindness, and it also trains local doctors in oculoplastic surgery. Couldn’t think of a better cause, so more power to Omega’s elbow for its generosity.

But, did they have to bring Daniel Craig into this? I realise that it’s de rigueur for even minor Hollywood hacks to adopt a charity and be associated with ‘good works’ – it’s considered beneficial for career and celebrity maintenance - but, I find it a curious that Omega would link this woody little British actor with the steroidal scowl to the De Ville collection, particularly after having invested a mozza in Seamaster product association with the Bond character. Anyway, let’s forget the hype, give Omega ten heavenly credits for helping ORBIS, forget about Daniel Craig and focus on this excellent watch.

Technically, all the earlier praise of the Hour Vision can be heaped on the Blue. The calibre 8500 power plant features the three-level co-axial upgrade, allowing for autonomous adjustment of the hour hand, an especially nifty feature for those who travel across time zones. The movement is chronometer certified and the case is water resistant to a hundred metres.

The dusty blue dial is finished in the customary ‘sun-brushed’ manner, allowing the light to play beautifully on the four-rimmed raised platform, upon which sit 18 karat white gold facetted markers in the tapered and blunted Hour Vision style. The luminous hands continue the tapered design story with a longer centre sweep reaching out to the edge of the chapter ring. An understated date aperture finishes off this subtle and classic dial design.

The whole combination - stainless steel case, blue dial with white gold dial furniture and black leather strap - gives the Hour Vision collection the depth it needed, and, in the process, gave birth to a true classic.

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